Electronic Health Record (EHR) – Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
Health Management Solution – Patient Management Solution
“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – MyClinic covers it all.

MyClinic is the market’s most innovative, efficient and advanced solution for the healthcare sector, an integrated system that includes everything from electronic patient record, to patient portal, electronic communications and a number of administrative routines.

Tailor-made solution

Flexibility – Who doesn’t prefer to do things his own way? MyClinic can be set up in many different ways supporting custom-made examination- and treatment plans, case management supporting different workflows for different diagnosis and even supporting diversity for the staff groups involved. MyClinic can be used in both large and small clinics or in the advanced version at Private Hospitals – the latter also supporting e.g. one-click operation theatre planning.

In fact, customization is not only setting up examination- and treatment plans. Even the visibility or the order of data entry fields in the forms can be adjusted – it is possible to hide or re-arrange fields simply by drag and drop.

And why annoying the same things every single day? At MyClinic, we listen to our customers; there need not to be far from an improvement suggestion to implementation when it can be done smoothly and makes sense for other customers.

Let go technical worries

Leave the technical concerns to us. The support is in top form, everyone is quick and friendly, and wait time is rare. Technical issues that are not directly related to the MyClinic solution are often solved as well.

MyClinic runs hosted in a dedicated cloud with 24×7 surveillance. This means that the solution run on large central servers in our hosting center where technology and the security of data are completely controlled by IT professionals. Complete transaction log, Partial backup every hour and complete backup every night. No reason to worry about GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation), data is stored behind monitored firewalls, only accessible through our thin client – including an encrypted VPN channel.

With MyClinic, the clinic saves costs for servers, server maintenance, secure server rooms and power etc. – Because it’s just included. Wherever you are, all you need to run the solution is an ordinary PC and an internet connection.

With MyClinic security is something you can’t avoid.

Security is many things and in a clinic is secure communication with other parties in the Healthcare sector and especially with the patients are extremely important.

With MyClinic you get an integrated solution that covers everything from electronic patient record in the broadest sense of the word, to Patient-Portal, Electronic Communication and a complete series of administrative routines that are done by automatically based on the daily registrations. Update maintenance of the solution is included, and we monitor all adjustments from Health Authorities and even collective agreements. With MyClinic you always support new standards and national requirements.

Then, what about earnings? Are you sure that all the services you provide are actually billed? MyClinic ensures that the daily work with the patients are transformed into services and claims – nothing is forgotten when the invoices are printed. MyClinic is certified by the Danish Health Authorities (look e.g. here).

Tjeck in the Subject divided Reference Guide which functions is supported in MyClinic




MyClinic is a complete, integrated solution for the modern specialist practice whether the clinic is small or large. MyClinic offers everything from appointment booking and patient records to sophisticated financial management in one integrated solution. MyClinic is a medical record where diagnoses, notes, medications, laboratory data, images and data from […]



MyClinic is a combined EHR and ERP solution (for business management), a unique combination which so far is only seen within MyClinic and SAP (MyClinic is module in the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP framework). The EHR / ERP integration ensures that all data is in context, not only internally in […]

Private Hospitals

Private Hospitals

MyClinic delivers all the clinical data and offers a complete and integrated management information tool for the modern private hospital. By using MyClinic, quick and proactive handling is possible. For example, the system is able to react to changes in patient influx or patient compositions, and it is possible to […]

General practitioners

General practitioners

MyClinic is a complete, integrated solution for the modern clinic in general practice whether the clinic is small or large. MyClinic covers everything from appointment booking and patient records to advanced financial management in one integrated solution. MyClinic is a complete health record containing all patient related data; diagnoses, notes, […]


MyClinic is supported as a SaaS/ASP solution, and it is thereby not necessarily to invest in local servers in the clinic. MyClinic runs in a centralized hosting environment and the only requirement is a standard pc and an internet connection.

All data is then saved on huge servers which are only accessible to a MyClinic software client. The database servers at physically detached from the internet. Access to data happens only through a thin client connecting to the application servers through encrypted lines.

All central servers are mirrored in a “no-break” configuration, which implies maximum redundancy and an optimnal uptime for MyClinic. Even the power lines are redundant and in case of general national breakdown a local diesel generator will provide power to keep MyClinic running.

MyClinic can run from the servers in Copenhagen in all Europe and US, thus ensuring local legal requirements which may require that servers and data are located within the country.

Arrival Terminal
Self-service arrival registration
Fast information, no

Continuous online backup
provides maximum

Pictures – before and after
Picures is also documenttation
and helps identifying

Credit card payment
Automatic billing and credit
card payment reduce

ECG and spirometry
Integration with external
reduce work and risk
of error

Visual data analysis
Charts increase overview
and e.g. CVD risk profile
is just one click away

Internet & Hardware
Use whatever PC you have,
no need for expensive

Get the patients’ health
records on the screen before you
pick up the phone

Card reader
Read health insurance
electronically to meetdocument-

Online help
Here-and-now online
Help with F1 – and FAQ’s
at your fingertip

Patient Portal
Clinic website, online
booking and secure online
patient communication

Kind and fast
Help and answers on any

Send safe mail to Patients or
Insurance companies through “e-Box”
just by setting a checkmark

Insurance reporting
Report patients services
directly to the insurance compagny

Sleep well at night
MyClinic guards your data

Smart used standards
makes a very hugh difference
every day