MyClinic is a combined EHR and ERP solution (for business management), a unique combination which so far is only seen within MyClinic and SAP (MyClinic is module in the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP framework). The EHR / ERP integration ensures that all data is in context, not only internally in the EHR, but also in relation to e.g. economical transactions.

When using MyClinic quickly and proactive acting is possible. For example changes in patient influx or patient compositions (diagnosis) become easy to detect. Likewise it is possible to perform realistic pre- and post-calculations for different treatments thus providing a tool for economical optimization.

All clinical workflows are supported effectively and data (including administrative data) is collected without the daily documentation being a burden. There is integration of various examination devices (modalities) and functions for EHR overview, treatment planning, multi-booking, graphic overview, drug handling, automatic notification to national registries and much more.

MyClinic can handle everything from acceptance of patient referrals through call in, clinical treatment, discharge to patient/insurance billing and financial management in the same solution. Even Inventory Management, Purchase and e.g. Human Ressource functions are supported.

The clinical documentation may also be used for many other purposes such as:

● General administration
● All levels management information
● All kinds of economic overview, inventory management and budgeting
● Statistics and benchmarking

In MyClinic it is possible to systematize and manage the hospital’s activities, ensuring consistent processes that lay the basis for accreditation, and optimization of inventory and resource management (“just in time” purchase).