General practitioners

General practitioners

MyClinic is a complete, integrated solution for the modern clinic in general practice whether the clinic is small or large. MyClinic covers everything from appointment booking and patient records to advanced financial management in one integrated solution.

MyClinic is a complete health record containing all patient related data; diagnoses, notes, medications, laboratory data, discharge notes, images and data from the technical measurement systems, that are all integrated and provide a comprehensive overview.

MyClinic is cutting edge when it comes to data exchange and electronic communication. Everything from referrals and laboratory requisitions to drug prescriptions and even settlement claims with insurance companies, can be managed electronically in a secure way.

In MyClinic there is great emphasis on user friendliness, and all routines in the system ensure a smooth workflow. MyClinic contains all the features you would expect of a modern and contemporary EHR. The system is designed with a focus on the business processes which support the daily routines.

The user can individually adjust the content and appearance of the user interface and use the built-in help features. MyClinic also ensures e.g. automatic backup and periodic billing of health insurances.