Subject divided Reference Guide

Subject divided Reference Guide

Advanced functions direct from the Patient index

  • Tab-page divided Patient Record with all relevant base data, including address, phone numbers, email, preferred pharmacies etc.
  • Quick-search on all patient data (e.g. Social security id, name, address, phone numbers etc.) Barcode/magnetic card search using the patient’s insurance or social security card.
  • Specific Tab Page with overview of relevant clinical data including accentuation of abnormal values.
  • Placeholder for patient picture and automatic birthday marking
  • Configurable area for diagnosis-related key information
  • Several color signals for different “states” e.g. if the patient doesn’t have a valid health insurance
  • Family relations showing information about hereditary diseases (i.e. allergy)
  • Advanced reminder function including both manual and automatic reminders (pop up)
  • Direct access to all patient health record functions (medical record, drug record, laboratory data, CHD risk
    profile, e-mail etc.)
  • Advanced queries including graphical diagrams
  • Quick registration of phone consultations including automatic claim settlement
  • Possibility for automatic integration to customer account subsystem
  • Invoicing and accounting including automatic posting in the balance sheet

Booking and Calendar functions

  • Dynamic Outlook-like layout – fast shift between personal calendar and a calendar showing staff groups and/or staff in organizational unit
  • User defined time categories – i.e. Normal consultation, patient visiting, emergency time etc.
  • Quick booking in 2 click including services
  • Smart booking in course with time proposal in the relevant period
  • Optional call to patient / medical record directly
    from the calendar (quick navigation)
  • Create a new patient in the database directly in the booking situation
  • Retrieve the reference before booking a new patient directly from the calendar
  • Individual base calendar per physician, nurse etc. including work schedule and deviation management
  • Quick date/period navigation. Supports copy, cut and paste
  • Multi booking – booking of a complete treatment flow in one single procedure
  • Booking Group booking – for eg team training
  • Integration to Microsoft Outlook
  • Ability to start patient record directly from the calendar
  • Arrival registration and queuing system
  • Real-time online appointment via Patient portal if wanted

Medical Record

  • Case oriented treatment action sequence management supporting automatic scheduling, and
    automatic booking of pre-scheduled visits(eg COPD, INR journal, diabetes journal, children’s journal, gesture journal, etc.)
  • Create own templates for different pathways
  • Flexible Case Management setup supporting interdisciplinary co-operation and data sharing.
  • Chronological or hierarchical sorting based onindividual areas of special concern (i.e. diagnosis,case)
  • Interdisciplinary / mono-professional display of journal
  • Graphic displays of eg dosage / measurement – completely free and individual possibilities
  • National course plansintegration, always updated with relevant data
  • Registration of all relevant data for each contact in one dynamic window – including relevant measures and ancillary data.
  • Vaccination integration to national register
  • Automatic settlement of claims (health insurance
    or/and private account).
  • Full integration to drug record, laboratory record.
  • Diagnosis coding supporting CPC, ICD9/10 and Snomed CT standards – subdivision of diagnosis into chronic diagnosis, action diagnosis, referral diagnosis, secondary diagnosis etc.
  • Advanced document handling also supporting PACS, pictures, X-ray, MR-scanning (DICOM), ECG etc.
  • Integration to Lab. Requisition sub system.
  • Integration to care management module.
  • Advanced case template system, incl. treatment objective follow-up
  • Direct access to referrals, etc.Referrals, Requisitions, Epicrises
  • Delivered with several chronicle journal template
  • Lots of individual settings eg move fields and buttons in screens optimal for individual use

Drug Record

  • Generic drug record – active ingredients
  • Alphabetic or ATC based sort order
  • Integration into the Medical Record hierarchical structure (facilitates identification of
    drugs use related to diagnosis)
  • Fully integrated and automatic synchronized with national e-medication/e-prescription register (FMK)
  • One click prescription renewall
  • Full dosage history
  • New medications; search from diagnosis/indication, preparation name, drug name or using the ATC-browser (Anatomic Therapeutic Chemical Classification System).
  • Optional Day-packing dispensing – also of vitamins and dietary supplements
  • Smart one-click replacement of withdrawn packets using generic substitution
  • Overview large drug records with smart individual overview e.g. from ATC or diagnosis/problem
  • Interaction control/warnings
  • Analog substitution, Generic substitution, Parallel substitution, incl. price optimization
  • Dosage suggestions, optional manual overwriting
  • Dosage scheme generation including automated up-dosing or down-dosing calculation
  • Indication suggestions, optional manual overwriting
  • Automatic prescription expiration control using full dosage history
  • Automatic medication expiration
  • Side effect management incl. automatic warning
  • Automatic warning against drugs causing problems related to pregnancy
  • Prescription authentication queue
  • Automatic electronic prescription transmission where applicable
  • Full e-Prescription integration

Laboratory Record

  • Requisition generation e.g. from preferred analysis packages
  • e-Requisitions (HL7)
  • Automatic transfer of e-answers to interactive laboratory record
  • Supports all types of data: clinical measures, clinical chemistry, microbiology, pathology
  • Manageable display of laboratory answers with enhancement of abnormal values
  • Graphic display of all kinds of data, including reference lines indicating min./max. values
  • User-customized Graphic display combining different kind of data, e.g. drug dosage history and related blood test results
  • User-customized group setting of measurements, can be related to patient case records
  • Graphic display of growth curves, BMI, symphysis/fundus measures etc. including reference
    curves (percentiles from e.g. WHO)
  • Optional graphic display of laboratory data combined with drug dosage history for relevant preparations
  • Electronic receival of laboratory results where applicable
  • Optional forwarding of electronic laboratory results to patient, including own comments.
  • Printout of all graphical displays
  • Internal ward/employee distribution of incoming lab results
  • Paraclinical follow-up on actions on lab results

Edi Inbox

  • Receive all edi in the same inbox / function – discharge notes, lab results, referrals etc.
  • Incoming events are automatically related to the medical record.
  • Automated Context display (e.g. discharge notes or lab results showing original medical record note).
  • Distribution Que with both responsibility for action and info attendants
  • Quick filtering options
  • Send answers directly to patient (via e-box or patient portal)
  • Keep track of missing responses (paraclinical follow-up)
  • Warning when closing MyClinic when urgent messages in responsibility que is not read

Disease prevention 

  • Screening using advanced but user friendly query generator
  • Automated call-in of patient groups for periodic check-ups
  • Easy query tool to ex find and call-in vulnerable patients
  • Calculation of cardiovascular risk profile incl. graphic representation, treatment goals, etc.
  • Full integration of National Treatment Plans incl management of recommended measurement screening
  • Automatic calculation of BMI with graphical development of development over time
  • Keep track of multi medicated patients

Financial Managment (optional of course – and free if selected)

  • Debtor management system incl. decay control, reminder functions, electronic banking, etc.
  • Creditor management system, registration of purchase invoices, electronic billing etc.
  • Finance system incl. checkouts, budgeting, etc.
  • Advanced balance (accounting function) with possibility for comparison with budget, previous years etc.
  • Divided chart of accounts with separate accounts for cost and / or earnings units
  • Multidimensional analysis (pivot) incl. eg. linking with types of benefits (health insurance), etc.
  • Option for asset management incl. depreciation etc.
  • Option for payroll


  • Multilingual userinterface
  • MyClinic is approved by MedCom
  • Large online help system (FAQ) with explanations and pictures
  • Fast, competent, friendly and helpful support
  • Several specialties in the same system
  • Based international standards as e.g. ATC, LOINC or UIPAC (NPU-), DICOM, HL7 and simontainously supporting e.g. ICPC, ICD10 and SNOMED CT