Visual data analysis

Visual data analysis

You can use the automated data to overview a decade of measurements and treatments in a second.

There often very many numbers as result of examinations, blood sample values and other measurements – especially over time. Numbers are often the basis for the organization of the treatment, but number have more than one dimension – they can illustrate changes over time, or e.g. the can illustration how the patient reacts to a specific treatment. If the human eye must overview such number of data and if I should be user in the daily patientcare it has to be showed graphically. With MyClinic such a complex diagrams is a click on a button.

From the predefined catalog of diagrams, MyClinic plot both the old and the new values of the relevant measures, correlate it with drug dose of relevant drugs. There is a lot of opportunities out of the box; e.g. blood pressure / drugdose on a 10 year timescale, anticoagulation INR and Marevan dosage last 2 years, or children’s weight as function of their height (with reference lines) – and if your preferred diagram isn’t predefined it takes less than 2 minutes to setup a new generic diagram.

Arrival Terminal
Self-service arrival registration
Fast information, no

Continuous online backup
provides maximum

Pictures – before and after
Picures is also documenttation
and helps identifying

Credit card payment
Automatic billing and credit
card payment reduce

ECG and spirometry
Integration with external
reduce work and risk
of error

Visual data analysis
Charts increase overview
and e.g. CVD risk profile
is just one click away

Internet & Hardware
Use whatever PC you have,
no need for expensive

Get the patients’ health
records on the screen before you
pick up the phone

Card reader
Read health insurance
electronically to meetdocument-

Online help
Here-and-now online
Help with F1 – and FAQ’s
at your fingertip

Patient Portal
Clinic website, online
booking and secure online
patient communication

Kind and fast
Help and answers on any

Send safe mail to Patients or
Insurance companies through “e-Box”
just by setting a checkmark

Insurance reporting
Report patients services
directly to the insurance compagny

Sleep well at night
MyClinic guards your data

Smart used standards
makes a very hugh difference
every day